DFRobot DFR0088 IO Expansion Shield

userHead dagman 2013-07-24 04:05:16 5410 Views3 Replies
Could someone please post the correct positions for the jumpers to select Xbee/APC/RS485 on the DFR0088 IO Expansion Shield. Photos would be great
2013-07-26 12:43:21 Hi Dagman,

There are two modes for the Xbee. In one of the modes you can use is like normal USB serial communication, after the configuration is done.

You will need setup each module independently, with the adapter first.
Then you can use it like USB serial.
userHeadPic Jose
2013-07-26 05:10:14 Thanks for the answer.

I want to try Xbee and APC but I'm still waiting for parts to arrive. Do you need to modify the code in a sketch for the Xbee versus normal USB serial communication with the Romeo All In One controller with the IO Expansion Shield? I am going to use USB Xbee adapter from the computer and the IO expansion shield with Xbee for the Romeo side. I will be using 2 x TEL0014 Xbee modules (802.15.4)
userHeadPic dagman
2013-07-24 15:34:54 Hi Dagman,

Xbee/APC are TTL mode, or normal serial communication, which that is, whatever is plugged on the xbee/apc socket is directly connected to Rx/Tx on the Arduino pins. Note that this will block uploading a new sketch while something plugged there.

Jumpers pins placed to the top side as in the picture you posted would enable RS485 thus disabling Xbee/ the three jumpers top and you got RS485, place them bottom and you got Xbee/APC communications.

Are you trying to use RS485? or you just want the Xbee?
userHeadPic Jose