Ambient Light Sensor V1 Not Returning Values

userHead joebentson 2018-09-13 08:41:28 7569 Views7 Replies

I am using the standard library and sample code for the Gravity: I2C VEML7700 Ambient Light Sensor SKU: SEN0228 on an arduino mega 2560 , and it returns 0.00 lux.

Any ideas why it would be doing this?

2018-09-20 10:57:49 Hi.
I tested the Ambient LIght Sensor and it work successfuly on the Arduibo 2560 board. The sensor and mega 2560 connection method is VCC to 5V,GND to GND,SCL to PIN 21,SDA to PIN 20.
Here are the results of their normal work.
Hope their is help you.
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2018-09-18 10:14:22 Hi.
I am sorry for your description. If you have an Arduino UNO board you can test sensor right or no? I guess at the sensor is broken.
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2018-09-17 07:01:52 OK. I connected to pins 20 and 21, used a I2C scanner and it identified a device at 0x10. I'm guessing this is the sensor, because I have nothing else connected. But, I still get 0.00 lux readings. Is there an initialization or pullup/pulldown that I'm missing for these pins? Any other way to test if the sensor is working? userHeadPic joebentson
2018-09-14 10:59:44 Hi.
oh.sorry.when I look at the board of the MEGA 2560. I think you should connection the module with the pin20 and pin21 on the mega 2560 board.
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2018-09-14 10:41:46 Hi.
The MEGA 2560 is compatible with the Arduino can useA4 and A5 as I2C interface directly without modifying the code.
if no and it returns 0.00 lux. I guess the moudle is broken.
Hope help you.
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2018-09-14 06:12:04 I am connected just as that suggests except that is for an arduino Uno and I am using a Mega 2650. I think the Mega does not use A4 and A5 as i2c. But then where are those pins on the mega or how can I change the code to adjust the pins?

Thank you for your help!
userHeadPic joebentson
2018-09-13 10:20:28 Hi.
Accroding to your description of your question.Can you provide your Connection diagram. The Ambient Light Sensor module connection to the Arduion UNO or 2560 by I2C protocol.
The standard connection diagram of the Ambient Light Sensor module and Arduino UNO is shown below.
One possibility is that the module is broken.
Hope help you.
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