Schematic for WifiBee ESP8266

userHead sdamiano 2018-09-16 06:53:07 3862 Views5 Replies
Is there a real schematic available for the ESP8266 WiFiBee v1.0? ( There are obviously more pins connected than the little pin out picture on the wiki shows and the reset button doesn't seem to do anything.

I would really appreciate a schematic, or at least a list of which pins on the ESP8266 are connected to the 20 XBee pins.

2018-09-19 11:47:23 Hi.
I 'm sorry for our design.I am asking WiFiBee designer again,But he has not replied to me yet.
Before that, I hope this schematic diagram can help you.
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2018-09-19 02:37:29 Thank you so much for the schema.

I'm still confused with the button. I was expecting the chip to reboot when the button is pressed. I don't understand why it's connected to GPIO5 instead of RSTB. How can GPIO5 cause a reset?

I'm have the same question about the pin labeled "RST" (12 on the bee, MTCK/12 on the ESP8266).

I was hoping to be able to put the bee into deep sleep and wake it with a pulse from an external mcu, but it looks like that really isn't possible.
userHeadPic sdamiano
2018-09-18 10:44:47 Hi.
I am sorry for thr late reply. I will send you Schematic file of the WiFiBee. ... %20SCH.pdf I tested reset button and I found it could work well.
I hope these will help you.
userHeadPic makermuyi
2018-09-17 22:25:40 I'm having no problems communicating with the ESP8266 on the WiFiBee and am connecting to the internet with no trouble. It's a nice, cheap, drop-in-place wifi connection for boards with an XBee footprint. But the board is capable of more than just making a wifi connection and I'd like to try to use some of those other features (like.. say.. deep sleep).

I know that "NC" means not connected, but the pin-out shown in the wiki ( ... pinOut.png) is simply neither complete nor even correct. The reset button does not work to reset the module. Nothing happens when it's pressed. The bee pins 9, 18, 19, and 20 all also have visible traces running to them, despite being marked as "NC." The switch, at least, does seem to work as described.

So, given the discrepancies between the listed pin-out and the actual chip, and my desire to do more with the board, I'd really like to have an accurate schematic of the board.
userHeadPic sdamiano
2018-09-17 09:57:48 Hi.
The ESP8266 WiFiBee v1.0 only as a wireless serial port tool. It works with the Arduino UNO achieve Wireless transmission. The NC is indicates no connection.
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