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I am using one of your Sim7000E Chipsets and I have a couple of questions

1. It seems to check for current position ever 5 seconds (at 5 second intervals ) is there a way I am able to increase the frequency of checking positon so that is checks every 1 or 2 seconds, this will allow for my geo fence application to report current location more frequently
2. The output of long and lat dfrobot-ordinates appear to only report the degrees to 2 decimal places as in -27.56 instead of -27.452356
3. I have tried to modify the library code to enhance the length assuming the default code is rounded to 2 decimal places and when I do the end of the latitude dfrobot ordinate displays the last 3 values of the longitude

Attached is the script I altered in attempt to increase the length of the dfrobot ordinates

Below is the specific code I have been working with to improve the dfrobot ordinates length for greater accuracy
memcpy(latitude , position+5 , 8); memcpy(longitude, position+16, 9);
2018-09-20 14:36:12 Hi.
You can get more frequencies to refresh your current location for report by modify code. Similarly, you can also program to achieve the number of decimal places.
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