Micro:Maqueen v2.0 Line Following Not Working

userHead Account cancelled 2018-09-28 23:19:32 2417 Views0 Replies
We have tried to get the line following function to work on the micro:Maqueen kits that work with the micro:bits.

Only one of the sensors work. We have tested 3 kits and on 2 of them the left sensor only worked and the 3rd the right sensor only worked.

We have been using the provided maqueen library with the makecode online code editor. The value returned from the Read Patrol function matches the blue LEDs that are placed right above the IR line reader.

A multi-meter shows that both right and left sensors are getting the same input voltage of 1.1v. The output is usually higher on the sensor that is not working (average 1.9v).

We were wondering if anyone else has had this issue and know how to fix or circumvent it, or if this is a known issue with the micro:Maqueen board?