DFPlayer Died!

userHead Account cancelled 2018-10-04 15:59:58 832 Views0 Replies
Hi, I've been using a DFPlayer successfully in a circuit for my R2D2 for a couple of years now.

Recently the unit developed a problem in that both the speaker out and the line out signals dropped off so that the external amplifier I'm using could barely register the output. It was still there but I had to crank the volume knob on the amp to full and put my ear to the speaker to hear the output.

After playing around with and checking all connections etc the unit has 'failed' completely and I get 'unable to proceed' and 'insert the SD card' messages.

Has anyone else experienced such a failure?

I've ordered two new units and as a precaution to allow easy repair in the field will mount the player using header pins rather than soler it in permanently...