HELP - Issue with Replacing files on Gravity: UART MP3 Voice Module

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Here is what it says in the wiki...
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1.The module has built-in audio, if you need to add or replace audio, please use the micro usb to connect to the computer for updating.

2. The way to update the audio is the same as USB flash driver.

3. This module supports MP3 and MAV format audio files.

4. The file should be stored in the "ZH" folder and it is recommended to represent files with numbers. Such as 01.mp3,02.mp3, two letters or one Chinese character are also OK.
I've attached the module to my pc and I can see the drive with the "ZH" folder with default files. The problem is when I try to replace them with something else or remove them. For some reason, no matter what I do, the default files 01-16 always play, even when I delete them. Yes - I've deleted the files, then connected the module to my arduino, run the sample script, and boom - the files start playing - how is that possible?

Has anyone actually be able to replace the files on the storage of this module?

Thanks for any help,
- Jazzy

Here is the wiki url: ... U:_DFR0534
2022-06-22 03:05:44

53. Should say “WAV” not “MAV”.


Also unable to access the internal storage as a USB flashdrive.  Nothing comes up in Windows10 when I plug it into the USB port.

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