miniQ code problem

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I purchased both the 2wd and the 4wd miniQ robots for my kids. I can make them work with the "remote" and "song" sample code. So I know the robot does function correctly. But the "line following" code does nothing. If I press the "key1, 2, 3" buttons I see the green/red lights change. But I can't get it to actually turn on the motors and do anything. The code I am using came from the wiki page.

Anyone have a working version of line following code, or directions on how to use the provided code?

2014-08-12 11:43:29 Aha, 2WD looks like too fast, so it is shaking all the time.
Anyway, nice video.
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2014-08-12 09:36:13 Here's a couple video's of these DFRobot kits line following.

MiniQ 2wd Line Follower Robot Kit

MiniQ 4wd Line Follower Robot Kit Video
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2014-03-06 21:14:59 Here's the working 4wd code. I had to change some parts as it turns different than the 2wd.

I'm still learning to program, so when stuff doesn't work I get lost. But if the code is close to right then I can normally figure out whats wrong.....the trials of learning.....Thanks
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2014-03-06 18:06:17 Really?
I test it on miniq 4WD. It works.
O.K. Try this metro library.
This is what I am using now.
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2014-03-06 16:51:50 Grey, I fixed the code you posted as it errors out, and will post it below.
It works on the 2wd with no issues. But the 4wd version will require a bit of tweaking to properly follow a line. I will post it after a bit of editing.
Thanks!!!  :)
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2014-03-05 18:33:49 Hello,
Sorry for the late reply,
We have test the sample code, it is not very well
Try the follow one.
You could set the threshold value and speed yourself.

Here is the library:
You could try it first.
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