Configure APC220 through MCU

userHead Account cancelled 2018-11-08 18:53:59 2099 Views2 Replies
I'm trying to configure the APC220 through the 'settings' mode from my microcontroller, but so far no luck.

I've seen these guys doing it with Arduino, but although my code is very similar I cannot get a response from the APC220 when I send it a "RD\r\n" command. It just stays silent. ... ansceiver/

Has anyone successfully changed the settings from their microcontroller?

Also, I'm wondering how RF-Magic is changing the settings since the UART-to-TTL converter does not toggle the SET pin (it's not connected). I probably uses some 'magic' string.
2020-05-27 21:56:25 I am wondering the same question. I want to configure the APC220 through MCU but I did not route the SET pin. But the USB to Serial does not use the SET pin. In fact, it is NC (Not Connected). I tried also, breaking the pin and the RFMagic is still configuring the module :shock: Anyone can help me?

The issue I have found is that if the EN pin is conected to the USB-serial converter, I can configure the module with RFMagic but I cannot communicate with other module (It seems to be in configuration mode). If I blend the pin in the way that it is not connected to the USB-Serial, I have communication but I cannot configurate the module.

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