DFRduino Player

userHead Borstenhorst 2012-04-03 02:50:47 4773 Views3 Replies
Hey there!

Im currently building a arcade machine for university using PSoC.
Therefore Im planing to use DFRduino Player but Im a bit affraid that it wouldnt be compatible because I only can find examples and so on for Arduino. :-[

The PSoC have I2C and SPI.

Thanks for your help!

2012-04-06 08:59:26 Hi,

Yes, you can use the player with any other microcontroller. However, we do not provide sample codes for other micros. You can use the sample codes provided to help you create your own code for your micro.

userHeadPic Hector
2012-04-06 05:18:38 I just want to be able to control a mp3 Player over I²C. My question is if the DFRduino Player is also compatible to other Microprocessors because I²C is the same ant its not depending where the commands are come from or if its a Arduino specific part.

userHeadPic Borstenhorst
2012-04-05 10:29:00 Hi Thomas,

Could you tell me what your requirements are? I'm not sure I understand what you need help with.

userHeadPic Hector