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userHead Lauren 2012-11-23 13:31:55 6241 Views6 Replies

The resolution of the encoder depends on the encoder disk. According to my experience, the arduino could detect about 50-70 pps from this encoder when the 4WD running on the max speed!

2012-11-27 17:12:36 ;D
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2012-11-27 16:17:50 Oh, yes, you're correct.
I mean the period is 20ms.......=-=" Haha....
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2012-11-27 15:57:09 Thank Lauren!

But I don't understand.
50 pulse per second -> f= 20Hz???
Because: 50 pulse per second -> 1 pulse need 1/50 second -> f(detection frequency)=50Hz???

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2012-11-26 14:09:22 Oh....

Obviously, this product is not good enough for your application. This product is a simple and cheap solution for 4WD speed control.

1. 50-70 pps -> 50 pulse per second -> just 20Hz frequency.
2. Right. 20 PPR means 20 pulse per one ring.

The ir sensor of this product is fit with your requirement. But the encoder wheel is a low resolution one.I think this type of encoder wheel maybe useful.
userHeadPic Lauren
2012-11-23 23:25:23 Hi!

I have a question about Wheel Encoder for DFRobot 3PA and 4WD Rovers (Product Code: SEN0038).
How much is detection frequency of it?

Thank in advance!
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2012-11-23 15:11:07 Thank!

As you say: 50-70pps (pulse per second) -> dectection frequency = 50-70Hz. Is it right?
But I need to know exactly detection frequency. Because my application, I need to 2kHz frequency.

Resolution: 20ppr, mean 20 pulse per one ring (both HIGH and LOW)

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