wizfi210 aka df0047

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what happened to the sticky post on this product? ... uct_id=548

any how another quick question this board shows unconnected spi (msio, sck,cs, mosi) if i wire that up to my arduino could i use it threw spi or was it left unconnected for a reason?
2014-01-22 21:57:49 Yup thank you I book marked it, yea I gave it a quick shot n no go I did find a way around that though using a software serial and wireing the unused rx0 and tx0 and keeping the switch on program instead of run now I can run the commands from arduino to wizfi and save the USB serial for other stuff userHeadPic addictiverat
2014-01-22 12:29:12 you mean this thread: ... icseen#new


spi for this chipset require spi firmware which disables the usart. I suggest you to avoid upgrading since it could leave the board unusable. But if you do, you will need to wire the spi.
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