DF15RSMG servomotor arduino

userHead Mizashi 2013-12-04 19:05:16 7258 Views3 Replies
Hi! I bought two of "DF15RSMG" to connect with Arduino ONE.

The problem is the servomotor it's continuously rotating without PWM signal (this happens with the two servos).

Anyone has an example? If it is with another model doesn't matter, I will try it.

Sorry my english.

2013-12-06 10:48:49 Hello Mizashi,

Yeah you  just only can made it stop, but you can't con control it stop position.

Just like a motor, "Pos =94" is just like a switch to make it stop.

For example: when you set value less than 94, it will make a clockwise rotation (maybe counterclockwise I can't remember it clearly ;D)

                  when you set value more than 94, it will make a counterclockwise rotation.

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2013-12-06 02:45:02 Thanks Grey

So, I can not stop the engine where I want?

I'll put the servo on a robotic arm and I need to stand in a particular grade.

How can I change the direction?

thanks ;)
userHeadPic Mizashi
2013-12-05 10:03:03 Hello Mizashi,
DF15RSMG is a continuously rotating servo. It works like a motor.

And its stopping position is about 90 degree. Maybe 93 or 94.

Give the servo different degree. Its speed and direction will be changed.

You can try it. When it is working as a motor, it is very powerful.

it is very interesting.
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