Stacking multiple shields: IO expansion, relay, tft lcd

userHead that_nathan_guy 2018-12-02 04:43:28 3923 Views2 Replies
I’m the early stages of planning a project. I would like to stack a Bluno Mega 2560 (DFR0323), a gravity expansion sensor shield (DFR0165), a relay shield (DFR0144), but would also like to make use of the TELEMATICS 3.5" TFT Touch LCD Shield (DFR0387).

I have been attempting to interpret the schematic to learn how it could be wired to the expansion shield but it is beyond me.

Are there an example of this already having been done? Or may I request guidance in achieving this?

2018-12-25 07:32:45 Thank you for replying.

I am building a controller/doser to automate an indoor grow room. It will make use of three peristaltic pumps (pH up, pH down, nutrient), a pH sensor, a tds sensor, and a DS18B20 temperature sensor for input. Relays for switching off/off lights, an extraction fan and heater with a rtc, a dht22 and a ldr for input.

I understand that I will not be able to stack the relay shield and the tft shield together.

I would like to wire the tft instead of stacking it. I’m looking for information regarding how to wire it. A clear pin out would be a big help.

Do you foresee any issues stacking the I/O expansion shield and the relay shield?
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2018-12-21 16:54:20 What kind of project do you want to make? You can not just stack all these boards together. userHeadPic robert.chen