HUMAN motion detection

userHead m_dawas 2015-03-02 17:10:18 3983 Views7 Replies
Hey guys,

We need to place motion sensors in a museum corridors to detect any HUMAN motion during closing hours, then push the data collected from the sensors (time stamped events) to the network using the Ethernet shield, what is the simplest code to do such a job ?!

Thanks in advance for supporting.
2015-03-10 10:04:12 :) it's good to hear that! userHeadPic Leff
2015-03-08 14:19:13 Got it, LAN is working now thank u :) userHeadPic m_dawas
2015-03-06 10:52:31 hi,
have you noticed that, in the sketch, the mac[***] ,it's a array can be set by yourself. ;)
userHeadPic Leff
2015-03-04 19:50:46 Hey leff,
I cannot get the MAC of the Ethernet shield !!
userHeadPic m_dawas
2015-03-04 10:39:11 hi,
here, ... net_Shield. just collect the data from the IR sensor,and transport it to the web through ethernet.
userHeadPic Leff
2015-03-03 15:04:06 Hey :)
I'm using the the Uno R3 + DSN-FIR800 infrared sensor + I/O expansion shield + Ethernet shield.
we want to push the data read from the sensor to a webpage or server through Ethernet shield
thanks for helping
userHeadPic m_dawas
2015-03-03 10:05:19 hi,

which sensor and shield you are using? so we can suggest about the code. :)
userHeadPic Leff