mindwave and BTV3

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I am trying to use a DFrobot bluetooth v3 module to wirelessly connect to a mindwave headset from neurosky so I can control a robotic hand with my brain using an arduino uno.

I cannot get the BT module to bind with the headset.

I have matched the baudrate and made the pairing code the same. I have tried to bind the two units manually with no success.

Has any one tried something similar or had success with pairing the BTV3 to antother bluetooth unit other then another BTV3?
2015-03-17 14:20:49 sorry be late

did you set the correct baut rate like 9600,19200 etc.
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2015-03-11 07:08:43 Thanks for the suggestions. I got the headset and btv3 working together. They connect automatically.

I am receiving data to the arduino serial board. The data is not readable it is a bunch of symbols I cant comprehend. Do you have any ideas why this could be?
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2015-03-03 10:24:58 Hi Mahonri,
The Bluetooth module provides TTL level UART interface which is supported by almost every microcontroller in the has a good compatibility to mobile phones, laptop, and Bluetooth adapter. But, for your project, maybe it's for the protocol of your headset dosen't match ours.


1 connect BT with your phone to check if you do every step ok, and whether the BT is broken.

2 contact with Neurosky for advice of their headset's compatible BLE devices

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