Problems steering straight?

userHead kevining 2015-03-15 04:13:14 6621 Views2 Replies
I'm having trouble steering my HCR robot in a straight line after turning. I think the problem has to do with the rear caster. I'm currently using a motorcycle lead acid battery, and it seems that most of the weight of the robot is fairly well balanced between the three wheels.

Just wondering if you guys had any ideas about alternate wheel designs for the HCR robot that would allow for easy, straight driving.
2015-08-14 22:39:46 you can use the motor encoder sensors to increase and decrease the the pwm rate to the wheels. So if one wheel is moving faster than the other then decrease the speed of the wheel and increase the speed of the other wheel. You encoders allow you to detect which wheel is moving faster and which is slower. If you are using arduino there is a library for reading encoder values. There are more sophisticated ways of implementing this using PID control. If you are using arduino there is a library available for doing this. No two motors are the same so one will likely be different to the other. userHeadPic puddletown
2015-03-17 14:27:35 kevining, perhaps you can lower the power /pwm settings for that specific motor on your sketch userHeadPic Jose