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A Biped is Born

userHead jeff.creative3danimation 2015-03-30 02:03:48 6527 Views1 Replies

A BiPed is born. Here is the biped I have been working on. It uses 8 MG995 servos, the Veyron 24 Channel servo controller, two 3.7v Lipo batteries and a Windows 8 tablet for a brain. Currently the tablet is not attached and the veyron board is only attached as a temporary piece. When finished the Veyron will be attached to the torso and centered with a plastic case over it for protection. The tablet will be on the back of the biped in a foam lined case for protection. I have been working on this every so often. Recently I added the metal servo horns in replacement of the plastic ones. Prior to replacing the servo horns I did have the biped walking, then two of the plastic servo horns stripped out. The height of this biped is 24" tall and weighs just under 2lbs currently. I also went from a solid foot made out of BPHE(Plastic) to it being made out of PVC. I will also be adding arms and hands. You will also notice that there is a servo at the top of the torso, this is for the cam that will be attached for the vision system. The measurements for each joint,torso and hip are all anatomically correct based on a average male height. I have also design a piece that will be going on this until that controls the balance, it works much like you equilibrium. If the robot leans too much to the left it will auto correct itself and lean slightly to the right to correct the balance and the same for the right. I call this device the Robolibrium and once it is on the unit will show how it works.

2015-08-13 11:31:17 Awesome! userHeadPic Leff