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Just got a Power Shield from Jameco and I have it powered externally. I applied 9v with a battery and when I plug it in, 5v and 3.3v flash intermittently and the voltage at the output is 9v, constant. If I turn the potentiometer, there is no change. 9v and 12v leds never turn on.

pin13 is unjumered, voltage detection is in unjumpered.

Arduino is power via USB and is running blink routine on pin 13 (which, again, is disconnected from the power shield by jumper)
2020-12-18 02:04:35 Dear all,

I just bought a DFR0105 power shield v1.2. I don't know if I missed something on the documentation ... _#target_4, but when I power the shield with an external source (~12V) none of the LED indicators is turned on. I measure 12V on PWROUT, but manipulating the tune pot is not changing the output voltage at all. I also tried all possible jumper positions. However, this is not changing anything about the LEDs nor the output voltage. I also tried the previously indicated trick and added some resistance at the output, but this didn't change anything.

Did the specs for v1.2 change somehow? Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Best,
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2018-04-12 02:39:52 Yes, the jumper switches near the power input were like this:


Trimmer problem is solved: the regulator for output voltage requires a few milliampere load in order to function properly. Minor issue, but really should be mentioned in the documentation when it is updated. (I was testing the no-load voltage.)
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2018-04-04 16:31:42 Yes, the product page is still v1.1, did the switches are at the right side? userHeadPic robert.chen
2018-04-01 09:15:35 Just received Power Shield version 1.2 directly from DFRobot, the one pictured on the product page. The document page is out-of-date, showing pictures for version 1.1. I've tried every combination of power jumper switches, but cannot get the output voltage to change with the setting of the blue trimmer pot.
The output voltage does appear on PWROUT if the top jumper is on the left and the bottom jumper is on the right, The Arduino UNO does then get a regulated 5 volts.
The shield output regulator is working; with input of 7.98 V, the output is 7.18 V. Turning the trimmer screw has no effect.
Is this a defective shield? Or is it that the documentation has changed?
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2015-04-11 01:54:19 I will. In the mean time, are their instructions for this device? I imagine it's "Configure jumpers, attach to arduino, attach power, turn potentiality until your output voltage is as desired"

Do I need to run some code to operate this PSU if I have D13 unjumpered?
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2015-04-09 18:45:38 Hi McGuire,

I feel a little difficult to understand your problem, it seems that the Power Shield is working not so good, is it?

can you show the link of the product and post a picture your project?
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