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I have a Bluno Mega, have updated the Bluno firmware, downloaded the "loop" program onto it, downloaded the Bluno App onto my iphone, ran the AT cmds successfully, etc. And everything appears to be working but ONLY "according" to the Arduino SDK Serial Monitor. 

Meaning... I see empty temperature, humidity strings scrolling past, and when I type "where is the display?" in the Bluno App's display cmd window, I see it scroll by in the Serial Window. The problem is the Bluno DEmo board is dead as a doornail. It is plugged in correctly, and I have 2 others with the same problem. Any suggestions?

A couple more notes:

1. To clarify the Bluno demo board acts like there is no power. Display, etc. all dark. However I measured and 5V and 3.3V are resident on the board. 
2. I followed every step at this site. No problems, and running latest 1.8
3. This Youtube video shows reference to a NORMAL switch, which I do not see on the Mega Bluno, and also libraries Bluno Assessory and U8glib (which I do not have cause they were not part of the instructions in (2), unless I missed something, or the instructions did. But perhaps the video is old and out of sync. Do not know...
4. The Bluno iPhone App and the Bluno Mega are connected and working fine. I can see info passing from the App to the Arduino SDK Serial Monitor, but because the Bluno Demo shield board is inactive, the display is dark, no info from temp and humidity sensors, etc.

Anyone else see this problem? On face value, looks like a HW Bluno demo shield bug to me... Not sure.

2015-06-28 20:21:47 Hi Bryan,

Sorry, I was offline these days. But back now!
I've seen you mail. It seems that you have installed the plainprotocol library and U8glib one. You could make a test with the shield first. There are some testing code in the blunoAccessory library, like "AccessoryShieldBuzzer", "AccessoryShieldDisplay" balabala.., You can use them to test buzzer, relays, rgb led .etc. And the last sample "AccessoryShieldTest" is a testing-all code, have you tried it?

The code which you are using in the attachment is a serial judgement code. It only prints what serial received in serial monitor. Uhm~ There is no LCD displaying part in it...... so~ it won't show anything on the lcd screen...

Anyway, try the accessory shield sample code fist. It will tell you whether the board is defective.
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2015-06-27 14:10:38 FYI... I emailed it to Grey... userHeadPic walkabout
2015-06-25 16:44:35 不客气~ I will check it! userHeadPic Leff
2015-06-25 12:57:56 Oh okay... I will zip and email you directly then.
You will see the SDK Serial Monitor is reporting LED color cmd, etc. (from App), but the Bluno shield itself is inactive and not responding. I have 3 Bluno demo shields from Dfrobot and all behave the same way. Either something is missing from instructions, or board has a problem working with Bluno Mega or is defective. Thanks for your support... Gan Xie!
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2015-06-24 17:31:29 and I've got your email, but the picture is wrong to open. userHeadPic Leff
2015-06-23 15:39:57 HI Walkabout,

I noticed you 've done everything accoring to the wiki page with no error, but "ONLY "according" to the Arduino SDK Serial Monitor. ",what does this mean? I am still obscure about what's the trouble you've met.
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2015-06-23 13:01:42 NOT! Still does not work... userHeadPic walkabout