Reading value via bluetooth into processing or arduino IDE

userHead milk555 2015-07-16 14:33:22 3255 Views3 Replies
Hello guys. Since it's the first time I use bluetooth gadgets, I'm being confused.

I want my BLUNO to read the input value from pin A0 and A1 and send the value to my computer. With USB serial communication I could do this, but I'm not sure if I can do the same thing wirelessly by bluetooth communication.

Is that possible? Can anyone give me advice?

Thank you very much.
2015-07-20 15:19:01 hello,

Sorry, it only supports our ble family product ! :roll: Even the redbearlab's cc2540 ble device cannot connect with ours.
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2015-07-20 13:55:45 leff, Thank you very much for your answer.

I know it's been a while, but can I ask a few more questions?
I'm using an Mac mini which I think has BLE. (It can connect to bluno via LightBlue, a software from Punchthrough)
I think then, isn't it possible to connect Bluno directly to my Mac mini and get data from it without the dongle?
Or, I have a Redbearlab BLE mini which has TI CC2540 chip on board. Can it be any help?

Again Thank you very much.
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2015-07-16 17:23:22 Hey,

Welcome to the forum!

Surely it's possible, and it's easy with another BLE devices ( with same ble protocal),like this cute thing:

And ,what's more , you could download program wirelessly through it. :D
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