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Updating Your Bluno Beetle Firmware

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First you will need to get a COM port assigned to your Bluno Beetle. Follow the steps in ‘Getting Your Bluno Beetle Work under Windows 8.1’.

Once you have an assigned COM port, download and start the Bluno Firmware Downloader application from DFRobot.
The COM port that Windows assigned to your Bluno Beetle in the previous section should be showing in the COM Port window.
Just below the COM Port window, click on the blue Folder icon to browse for the proper .bin file to download. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the .bin file from the .rar archive. Highlight the file and press the ‘Open’ button or simply double-click on the filename.

Note: Attempting to type in the .bin filename manually into the box won’t get you anywhere because the application needs to load the filename using the previously described process.

To start the download process press the downward pointing arrow in the lower right hand corner. You will see blue dots starting to fill the 25x4 matrix. (The process took less than a minute on my Windows 10 box.)

When all of the blank boxes in the matrix have turned blue, the firmware upgrade process is complete and you will get a popup dialog that says ‘Download Success’ with an ‘OK’ button.