Rainbow LED Ring V4 - Problem

userHead danilodd96 2018-12-21 23:06:27 3131 Views2 Replies
Hi , i've bought the led ring and i have the v4 - After a lot of test i can program the ring in standalone only with ARDUINO022 - i need to use it on arduino 1.0.3 or the lastest version... can u help me please ?????????

I need to use the ring with the 3d Gesture sensor , for this reason i need arduino 1.0.3 for the library of this product.
2019-01-26 19:43:54 SOLVED - i can use the standalone Led ring to read the 3D gesture sensor . I can program the ring with Arduino 1.8.8 userHeadPic danilodd96
2018-12-24 13:37:16 Arduino 1.x is not supported to this LED ring, you can consider to user another Arduino board as the sender and this LED ring as the receiver to let the 3D gesture sensor be able to use. userHeadPic robert.chen