Problems setting up 3d printer

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New to this forum but thought I would post a question or two
I recently managed to fry my Arduino mega on my Prusa i3 3d printer and decided to upgrade the whole thing and now i seem to have problems setting up the new setup ive got
Not sure if i have to make changes to the firmware, but if i need to pls help
Arduino mega
Ramps 1,4 shield
42BYGH1861A-C hybrid stepper motors(used to run with Nema17,the extruder is still a Nema17)
Polula A4988 stepper motor drivers(2A)
Firmware is Marlin ware
I've set the current limit on the drivers to 0,6v
The motors run in one direction when the micro switches are pressed,rattles and shudders in the other direction
is this a mechanical error?Did i connect the Motors wrong?
Do I need to make changes in the firmware?
Im using Repetier Host,is there other recommended programs?
any advice would be appreciated
2015-11-23 16:21:10 Hello Sir/Madam,

Sorry for the late reply but very welcome!

I am not sure if I could help, because I have no experience on 3D printer. But you questions is about motor , right? would you mind sharing a photo about your connection?
userHeadPic Leff