Bluno techBasic Example

userHead VW 2014-03-25 03:38:49 3596 Views0 Replies
I Finally finished a working BLE example using techBasic. I chose techBasic for a couple of reasons over Objective-C.
First, I am not in the IOS Developer Program (Cost is more than I want to spend for learning/hobby).
Second, I am just starting to learn Objective-C and haven't ever worked with bluetooth.
Finally, I wanted something that I could do more interactively. Makes learning easier and quicker. Trial and Err.

I used the Demo Shield example as a starting point. I do not have the Bluno demo Shield but had some of the sensors to make a reasonable facsimile (see attached photo). No LCD Display, Rocker Switch or the Temp-Humid sensor, but enough to get the concepts down. I had to comment out the ROCKER code in the Bluno.INO file because it was giving me problems. That was the only change on the Bluno code.

I have included the basic code as well as a console log. I had to add the .txt extension because otherwise it won't let me upload it here. Since this is my first BLE program, I'm sure I have missed some things, but it's a good start. I will be trying to duplicate the Play BLUno app as my next project in techBasic. Hope this will help others.

- VW