Rplidar a1 files

userHead mark.allison15 2018-12-26 06:46:51 2825 Views2 Replies
Hi guys i have just bought a rplidar a1 to scan van interiors in 2d all i need is a profile line by the rear doors a center of van for making security cages
I cannot save any files, slamtec software will not save bitmap or png files they are in the drop down box but software says no

Does anybody a better way or a better software to use

Many thanks i sort of jumped in at the deep end

Happy xmas mark
2018-12-26 21:01:52 Hi Grey thanks for reply there are a few programs out there but when you contact the makers they will not actually work

I wondered if try a hand scanner as area is very large

All best marky
userHeadPic mark.allison15
2018-12-26 10:39:22 It seems that they haven't such function for now. The SDK only provides a visual interface, you can get the raw data from the serial port. Try to make a secondary development base on the raw data. Or maybe you can contact their tech support: [email protected] and see whether they have such function. userHeadPic Grey.CC