Gravity GSM A6 Module SKU:TEL0113 Example with expansion shield and 4Pin IIC/I2C/UART ?

userHead patrick.benimelis 2019-01-15 01:18:10 5325 Views3 Replies
Hello, I see your example with serial library, but I use the GSM A6 Module with your expansion shield and Gravity 4Pin IIC/I2C/UART Sensor Cable.
Can you send or publish another example with Gravity 4Pin IIC/I2C/UART Sensor Cable ?
Thanks for your response
2019-01-16 16:51:03 Thanks for your answer, I just try because with the cable 4 Pin IIC/I2C/UART I thinkit's possible plug n play the sensor with gravity expansion shield. But after new reading I understand.
But a new feature for DFRobot is plug and play this module directly with the expansion shield.
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2019-01-15 10:41:11 The Gravity GSM A6 module is only with UART interface, you can not use I2C to communicate with the main chip. Can I know why do you want to use other method to communicate? userHeadPic robert.chen
2019-01-15 03:26:59 After new reading specification, I think the Gravity GSM A6 is only UART and the sensor cable is IIC/I2C/UART.
But the GSM A6 Module is NOT I2C interface and only UART, can you confirm ?
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