USB charger for 7.4V LiPo

userHead Account cancelled 2019-01-20 04:56:00 5200 Views1 Replies
Hi, I have one of these modules:

- A way to set (with jumpers?) or bypass the 6.5 hour charge time limit. I have a Tenergy 7.4V 8800mAh pack which takes 10-15 hours to charge.
- A faster charger for 7.4V packs that supports USB-PD.
- A faster charger for 11.1V and 14.8V packs and that supports USB-PD. Especially 14.8V would be very useful for robots that have 12V components as the 14.8V pack is ideal for this.
2019-01-28 14:34:17 Hi
Thank you for your advice, we will consider about those form battery charger in the later products. Can I know where do you use these battery in?
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