Telematics LCD shield v1.1 and Arduino DUE

userHead Account cancelled 2019-01-23 19:41:21 2399 Views0 Replies
I have tried to get the UTFT library working with the above combination but some functionality does not work.
Namely anything that calls the function _fast_fill_16 in the HW_SAM3x8E.h file.
The clear screen function clears the screen from the top right, working down in blocks of 16 pixels (seems to go further down than needed) then moving one line to the right each time but only ends up clearing 2/3 of the screen. The screen is in landscape mode.
I can only imagine the port manipulations are wrong?
I can clear the screen using the setPixel() function in one loop embedded in another traversing the x and y but it is slow.
Has anyone solved this?
It all works fine when plugged into an Arduino MEGA so I know the display is good.

For anyone else : I had to clip the pin off D8 on the shield and pass it through a level shifter before connecting it to the DUE or else I had a blank screen. Also, if you wish to use the IC2 interface, it is connected to Wire1 on the DUE and Wire on the MEGA...