DFR0499 64x64 LED display

userHead jentronicseng 2019-02-02 01:09:42 2718 Views1 Replies
I have correctly wired up (checked it 3 times) the DFR0499 to a Mega2560 and loaded the sample code found here: ... KU:DFR0499

But when I run the code, the display looks to be only using rows 17-32 and 33 - 48. The words scroll and change but the other 2 areas always a black. I am not sure if I have a defective LED board or if something else is wrong. Has anybody seen this?

Also, where is the documentation found on the library calls in the samples? I have the library but no API documentation to use it.

Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction?
2019-02-13 05:13:31 Good news I found the issue. Not all Mega2560's are created equal. I accidentily ordered a Bluno Mega which said it was a Mega 2560 but it is not. Once I received the 'real' one the project works as designed. userHeadPic jentronicseng