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Bluno Bluetooth Data Throughput Too Low

userHead arife1 2019-02-05 02:35:15 3768 Views2 Replies
I am working on a project that requires a decent amount of information to be sent relatively quickly in pseudo real-time. Long story short, I am reaching a bottleneck when it comes to the Bluetooth communications. I need to send at least 5 kb/s from my Bluno Nano to an android app I developed utilizing the Bluetooth framework in the BlunoBasicDemo app. I have the Bluno communicating with the app, and I have the information reaching the Bluno with 100% data integrity within the time frame I need. Unfortunately, the Bluno appears to transmit the data much slower than I anticipated, and too slowly for my project. The data begins to get lost. I discovered that the creators limited the transmission to only 2kb/s from slave to master, and 4kb/s from master to slave, which is less than 1/5000th the speed that the Bluetooth 4.0 standard maxes out at with a speed of 25 Mb/s. The decision to lower this was for integrity when doing wireless programming, but I don't need to use wireless programming for this project. Is there any way to increase the throughput of my Bluno Nano? Can I increase packet sizes above 20 bytes? Can I disable wireless programming? If not, is there any other Bluno product I can use that will allow me to increase the throughput to at least 10kb/s (just to be safe)? It would be unfortunate if I had to throw out the entire Bluno Bluetooth framework I built for the app and go with a different product. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
2019-03-11 08:04:02 Hi @tv and @arife1, are you using the Bluno Beetle v1. 0 or v1. 1. I just got the v1. 1 but can't connect with my Android apps over BLE. It works on the v1. 0 but not v1. 1. Do you have any advice about the firmware update for v1. 1 or anything that may help? userHeadPic conrad.addo
2019-03-01 17:30:57 I have exactly the same issue. It's a bit ridiculous that the speed is limited like this even if you don't need the wireless programming, and that it's not even clearly mentioned in the product description. Even the example BlunoBasicDemo sets the rate to 115200, which is obviously misleading. I don't expect the full BLE speed (25MB/s) from the device, but this is disappointing.

FWIW I can't reach even the 2kB/s - that might have been just about enough for my project, actually. So perhaps there's a room for improvement - I'm rather new to arduino (or microcontroler programming in general) so that may play a role. Can you share an example of how you get the 2kb/s?
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