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[question] FireBeetle ePaper + ESP8266 running on battery?

userHead dakiprotmp 2019-03-13 07:16:03 6836 Views2 Replies
Hi, I just saw a video about these modules and I like them a lot, I also read nice reviews about FireBeetle products.
I would like to make ePaper modules for IoT around the home and office but I would like to have them battery powered.
I found that esp82 consumes quite low power in deep sleep which is great, but the ePaper module only says Operating Current: 12mA. Does that mean it consumes 12mA constantly, or only when updating?

Anyone who combined these (or any other epaper+esp) and run them on battery, and got some "ok" running time (more then few days/weeks)?
Any other advice about this type application?
2019-03-16 03:09:57 Thanks, that is what I am expecting as well. However I've seen some display modules always use power due to some voltage regulators, so even if the display itself does nothing, some element on the module draws current all the time, that is why I was wondering if someone can confirm if this is not the case with this display userHeadPic dakiprotmp
2019-03-13 14:32:32 12mA should be the updating current, since epaper could keep on the screen even without power, the current used should be less than 12mA. userHeadPic robert.chen