Gravity Analog 20A Current Sensor (SEN0214) calibration

userHead skcamdam 2019-03-22 10:24:21 2955 Views1 Replies
Just received my SEN0214 sensor, hooked it up, loaded the sample sketch, and ran it. I used a small dc motor and a 3.0v battery as power and load. According to my Fluke 117 multimeter the motor draws .047a. The sketch reports a value of around 3.0. The sample sketch doesn’t say what is being reported (amps, milliamps, microamps, etc). It does say you calibrate using a variable that can be set to various values. So I adjusted the calibration value to the point where the sketch is reporting 4.66 “units”. Can anyone specify what the sample sketch units are? Centiamps are rarely used so I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong. If it’s actually reporting centiamps that’s is a strange sample sketch...
2019-03-23 05:46:48 Never mind. I found a different set of libraries (ACS712-arduino-master by Ruslan Koptiev) that works fine and provides a clearer explanation of what's happening. And it has clearer calibration info. userHeadPic skcamdam