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BLE GATT service and characteristic are fixed to 0xdfb0 and 0xdfb1 ??

userHead Account cancelled 2019-04-25 19:25:05 1505 Views0 Replies

I have an application using BLE that I can get working with intermediary software (app) without changing the GATT service and characteristic from 0xdfb0 and 0xdfb1, but which would be more widely accepted without the intermediate software if I can simply change these two reported IDs. I see some other BLE shields have an AT command to change these. Are there any plans to add an AT command for this?

I am currently only familiar with Beetle BLE, are there any other DFRobot products that allow the reported GATT service and characteristics to be changed?

I hope this question is not redundant or misplaced and apologize in advance it is.