question about the ir sensor camera sen0158

userHead jio 2019-04-29 09:34:44 2041 Views2 Replies
Hi, as I seen this is the ir camera of the wiimote.
I found many ir cameras on wiimotes with different pinount and behavior
The specs says 0..3m range, but, which dot size at 3m it detects? 1cm diameter more/less?

I found wiimote cameras that detects 1cm dot diameter at 4meters, and those are hard to find.

I would like to know if this sensor meet my requirements, and how much calibrated/tested they came.
I have a project with wiimote cameras and is difficult to me to find replacement due to the different behavior i found on the many versions available.

thank's in advance

2019-05-22 05:56:52 ok, thanks

i bought 3, will wait to receive then, then test and will post my results.

userHeadPic jio
2019-05-17 15:20:22 It just one part of Wiimote, the largest range is 3m, I don't think it's accurate enough.. userHeadPic techsupport