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How to use BLE link on expansion shield for Raspberry Pi?

userHead Leff 2015-12-22 15:23:00 5021 Views1 Replies

1. BLE link
2. Expansion shield for Raspberry Pi B+
3. Micro USB cable
4. Raspberry Pi B+ (Not used here)


1. Set BLE link in AT mode by AT command AT+SETTING=DEFAULT; 

2. Upload the code to expansion shield;

This code will print the message you send from your phone back to your phone and USB port(connected with pc), i.e. Serial monitor.

Code: Select allvoid setup() {
  Serial1.begin(115200);  //initial the Serial
void loop() {
  if (Serial1.available())  {
    Serial1.println(;//send what has been received
    Serial.println("Y");   //print to serial 0, serial monitor on PC

3. Connect every module together like in the photo. Connect you phone with BLE link, and send command, you will receive what you sent on your phone, and there will be message "Y" show on serial monitor.

Note: The switch"A--B" should be on A. 

2015-12-22 15:24:57 Here, I omitted some steps on how to set BLE link, where to download the APP and so on. But you could find them all in BLUNO wiki. ;) userHeadPic Leff