Gravity EMG - unreliable, erratic readings

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I have a Gravity Analog EMG sensor (two, actually) that are giving me very erratic readings. I'm targeting the bicep area placement-wise and am trying to activate the sensor by curling my arm. The readings are not very consistent. If I use the sample code from the Wiki and calibrate it I can get reliable enough 0 or 1 output but the raw data is so all over the place that I couldn't really accurately determine how far flexed the muscle is if that makes sense. I've never gotten data as solid and consistent as some of the examples on the wiki and product page show, I get numbers in the hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, and so on range sometimes. Am I expecting too much from this sensor? Has anybody been able to reliably use it to any degree of accuracy other than just an on or off output?

I'm using Arduino IDE 1.8.3, the SKU is SEN0240, and I'm using the sample code provided on the product's wiki page. My current board is an Arduino Nano, though I have also tried a Particle Photon. I actually have two of these sensors and the other out of the box seemed fine but after a few minutes began to be less and less reliable until it was to the same point as the other.

Gavin T.
2024-02-18 17:20:43


Please refer to the following section in the product manual and try to calibrate the sensor: 

After calibration, ensure the sensor is securely fastened to the arm.

Throughout the testing phase, the arm should remain stationary and refrain from any abrupt motions.


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2024-02-16 00:47:23

i just bought 2 either and the same problem what a shitty product

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