DFR0550 - 5'' 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Touchscreen

userHead marc 2019-05-26 23:27:04 3046 Views2 Replies

I got 5 new DFR0550 - 5'' 800x480 TFT from DFrobot. All have the same problem.
When the touch is pressed (click is OK) I get most times a very high value from the X axis between the normal value from the touch point.
I use the touch with linux evdev. With the comandline tool "evtest" under raspbian I can see the wrong values if pressed.

I got 2 of the displays at the beginning of the year. This both have NOT this problem.

Is there a new firmware used? Is there a fix for the latest delivery ?

2023-02-04 02:33:44

Hi, I have the same problem, the touch input is not good and always on the top of the screen. I use the official raspberry pi power supply… 

userHeadPic Silvan.Rey
2019-06-10 20:06:49 The power-supply was the reason. Not the display.
Used a power supply with a better quality output and the jumping cursor was away.
userHeadPic marc