RP LiDAR A1M8 Laser Scanner Enquiry

userHead james.coady 2019-05-27 17:52:15 3569 Views1 Replies
Hi All,

I am looking at specifying and buying my first LiDAR scanner as part of my research and have come across the A1M8 RP scanner. It's cheap so it fits into my budget and seems to meet my requirements.

However, does the development kit only run on C++ and Linux/Windows 32? I`m also only beginning to learn how to programme through python (I`m a mechanical engineer with no programming background) so I would prefer to use Python.

Any information is greatly appreciated :D
2019-05-27 17:54:26 Quick update.

I have found a Python module for the A1 and A2 RP LiDAR on GitHub!. But if anyone recommends other lidar scanners for beginners please let me know :D
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