RGB LED Matrix Library (DFRobot_RGBMatrix)

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Hi I am looking at your library for use with 32x16, 32x32 and 64x64 etc. modules on an Arduino Uno as linked below. The interchangeability between module sizes seems easier than the Adafruit code (at the beginning of a sketch WIDTH and HIGH are defined in a preprocessor directive). I am considering getting a 64x64 module, but have 52x52 (1:13 scan) modules laying around, can the code be adapted for use with my 52x52 modules? If so, how? ... frobot.pdf

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2019-11-29 16:06:53 I tried change the library, but it's ended with a lots of errors in code...and I left it. I'm sure that I can use the same pins, but don't know how to manage it in Arduino (( userHeadPic dym86
2019-11-29 12:16:41 Hi. Is anybody know how use 2 rgb 64x64 panels on Mega 2560? One works good, but I need 2. Can I change pins in library for adding 2nd independing panel? Will be glad any help, thanks userHeadPic dym86
2019-07-10 04:54:50 Hello, I believe this product will work with the code linked above - SKU:DFR0499.
Do you know if the code can be used for 52x52 (1:13 scan) modules?

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