FireBeetle ESP32 board does not work correctly via Waveshare ePaper 2.9 when doing parital Update

userHead Account cancelled 2019-07-13 18:38:17 4583 Views1 Replies
Could you please fix the issue that the FireBeetle ESP32 board does not execute the "parital Update" of the Waveshare 2.9 ePaper display correctly?
This is working fine on different ESP32 boards (like Node32s or WROOM) but not on the DF Robot FireBeetle ESP32 board.

When doing a partial Update the display region which is update is "unreadable" after the partial Update.
(Only "full" update works but this takes longer - uses more power - so the reason for choosing the FireBeetle board instead of any other board - ultra low power consumption in deep sleep mode - is gone!)
So why should someone buy a FireBeetle when this is not working correctly??