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Bluno Beetle - can't communicate via an Android demo app

userHead Grande Andrew 2015-12-28 00:13:35 5319 Views4 Replies
I've updated the Beetle firmware to v1.94. The board is operational while interacting via serial directly. However, I can't do anything via your demo apps. Tried the one on github:

and from the Play Store: ... obotremote

I hit 'Scan', Bluno shows up in the discovered devices. Select it.

First problem - the status never changes from Scanning - it is always stuck in this 'Scanning' mode. The Link led lights up on the Beetle. But, I can't communicate with Beetle, data sent from the phone never comes back, nothing in a Received field is shown. I'm not even sure it is sent out, as Beetle doesn't flash any TX/RX leds.

Please advise
2018-01-18 08:43:51 I just purchased a beetle ble sku Dfr0339 and loaded it with the basic demo. it does what it is suppose to do on the arduino ide terminal . I installed bluno remote app on my android phone and I have the same problem as mentioned above. I tried another bluetooth terminal app from playstore and it cannot connect too. I did the setup AT+SETTING=DEFAULT and still nothing. My phone can pair to the beetle but no app can connect with it. userHeadPic rp185
2016-01-06 15:08:06 Dear Grande,

Welcome and sorry about the late reply?

How is it going with your previous issue about the connection? Still bad or you've got a solution?

1.9.4 Version is a bete version, someone upload it to Github by occasionally, plz use 1.9.3 or other version instead! Btw, I think you could use AT+SETTING=DEFAULT to set it to factory setting and see if it works?
userHeadPic Leff
2015-12-28 05:23:41 Made some progress and here's what I noticed. Beetle doesn't like to be paired/unpaired and BLE scanner apps switched. I was able to get mostly consistent pairing by killing all BLE apps on Android, turning off the screen (it disconnects BLE apparently by default). Then unplugging the Beetle from USB.

Once I re-plug Beetle and open up just the demo up (I like the other one with up/down/left/right/center controls on top of a standard demo app) - now I'm seeing tx/rx activity and can even see it in a serial monitor if connected to the computer. Worth mentioning in the wiki/getting started?
userHeadPic Grande Andrew
2015-12-28 00:15:05 The phone is the LG G4 (VS986), Android v5.1 and diagnostic tools show full BLE stack support. userHeadPic Grande Andrew