HELP : Issues with touch screen rotation...

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Hi everyone !
I'm french and I'm new here so please be cool X)…

I've recently bought a 5 inchs 800*480 capacitive touch screen, from DFRobots wich has to be connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B by a DSI connector.
By the way, when I use the screen with Raspbian, Ubuntu MATE etc...the display and the touch interface work pretty good but the problem is I would like to use my desktop in portrait mode (270°).
First, I tried to edit /boot/config.txt and I added the line "display_rotate=3". I had a correct picture but the touchscreen interface wasn't correct...
After a quick Google travel, I decided to change the previous line and I replaced it by "lcd_rotate=3".
This new command is unconsidered by the Raspberry Pi and I've a horizontal orientation of the display with a working touch panel so this is not what I want... :twisted:
I've posted my problem in many forums but nobody wants to help me... :roll: "You're my only hope"

The touchscreen :