DFR0554 I2C 16x2 LCD display connected to esp32-Wroom-32

userHead Account cancelled 2019-08-03 15:12:00 1201 Views1 Replies
Hi have a Olimex ESP32-evb. I purchased a DFR0554.
I am having difficulties getting the unit to work. I have used the example programs to try and get it going but with no luck. At this point I don't know where else to look. The connection seem simple enough. Using the example programs I can't get the screen to show any response. I notice there is no way to set the address for the unit(LCD). Is this done through programming?
Does each board com pre-address and if so what is it?
Do I need a second plug in board for the addressing?
looking at the esp32-wroom-32 chip, which pins are pre-programmed for SDA and SCL?
Thanks in advance for your help.