Vortex LED and Whendo usage

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Hi I have received my Vortex’s and the kids love them! So Thank you.

I have started to show them the Whendo App and how to program and have some questions.

For some of the settings in Whendo, for example the music, is there a manual you can download that has the details of when each musical song is? Eg. In Whendo when setting music it asks for a number between 0-32 so this must correspond to a song? What are the songs? Is there a manual I can down load with this info?

Also with the Set Top Light Function
What are the LED Addresses?

When I insert a Game reset module into a program I can’t delete it out again. How do you delete modules?

It’s not easy to see this information on your website?

Brett & Diane Havenaar
2015-12-29 12:26:34 Welcome and thanks for your feedback!

We haven’t made the sound list yet. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by that and we will provide it on our website in the future.

For top LED lights settings, Light pattern is represented by the LED Address Value (a decimal number) in its binary form.

For instance, a decimal number 1 corresponds to binary number 000001, so it only turns on the first LED light (the light on its tail); A decimal number 3 corresponds to binary number 000011, so it turns out the first and the second LED light(lights array counterclockwise). Play with this number and you will get different results.

Here is a list of few light effects with different LED address values.

(163.18 KiB) Downloaded 627 times

And as to how to delete a module, please visit Page 5 & 40 to see how to delete module/components please.

Enjoy playing with Vortex!
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