Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) (SKU:DRI0029) windows issue

userHead Account cancelled 2016-01-03 05:34:31 2048 Views1 Replies
Hi, I recently received a 24 channel veyron servo driver. When I try to install the windows driver following the wiki instructions ( ... 24-Channel)_(SKU:DRI0029)#Windows_OS_Driver) I get a message saying "windows found the driver software but encountered an error while attempting to install it". I tried on both Win8 and win10 pcs with the same results. I don't know wether it's related or not but when I try to send instructions from an arduino I have the rx led blinking but nothing happens.

Does anyone knows what these error come from ?
2016-01-05 17:30:38 1). To your questions

It may requires the permission Install driver without digital signature, how to get the permission/ disable the requirement, the Win7,8,10 is different. Plz google it.

2). Install all drivers, then even you could use Arduino to program this shield

Plz read the wiki on Github and download the needed files there.
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