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userHead ashkansam1991 2016-01-19 00:30:16 4731 Views6 Replies
Hello guys,

Does the cc2540 MC goes to sleep mode after not receiving any signals? If I want to use it in interrupt mode with Atmega328p, what interrupt vector should I use for programming 328p? "USART vector"?
Also does this firmware for the bluno just work in only peripheral and central mode or I can use it as a transceiver(both functions same time).
2016-02-17 12:34:53 The AT command is not included in the existing firmware so far, I mean if you don't need the feature of wireless programming, then it is possible that I can give you another version firmware support power saving mode.(Maybe it could be entered by AT command~) :) userHeadPic Leff
2016-02-06 00:08:06 No I don't. So, are you saying there is a a way to put the 2540 to sleeping mode. I mean is there any AT command that is equivalent to "set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_IDLE or any other modes) "? userHeadPic ashkansam1991
2016-02-03 16:28:44 Sorry I don't know how our engineer worked it out. :roll:

And just got the response about the power saving feature for BLE module, that it is impossible to integrate the power saving mode to the existing firmware for it supports wireless programming, if add this new feature, the wireless programming function had to be canceled. So do you mind removing the function of wireless programming?
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2016-01-27 11:06:43 Also just for curiosity , I have a question about the firmware you develop for this cc2540 MC. Do you develop it via IAR and just compile it in the Hex or its some thing more complicated? userHeadPic ashkansam1991
2016-01-27 11:02:50 Hi Leff, can I ask when this new firmware will be published? userHeadPic ashkansam1991
2016-01-21 11:11:21 Hi there,


The cc2540 won't go to sleep. But it's a good feature for power saving which will highly possible be included in the coming firmware. :)

And as for the peripheral and central mode, it's just a statue for the BLE module, but actually, the central one can send& receive data, and the central one does too.
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