Weather Station SEN0186

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where can I find connections between sensors Weather Station and SEN0186 Data interface?
2017-01-20 01:55:57 Is it possible to purchase additional Weather Station interface boards? I'm using this as an in-class exercise so it would be convenient if each group could work on a separate sensor, but then each group needs their own interface board for experimentation. userHeadPic Battle Steve
2016-04-20 11:30:25 Hey there,

You can find a build tutorial of the weather station here ... log&id=465

And more info at the product wiki ... KU:SEN0186

You can find input jacks on the underside of each module.

Any other questions please ask!
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2016-02-15 14:55:07 Hi Julian,

Have it been solved so far?

Btw, are you looking for a guide how to assemble the sensor kit?
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