Cannot connect Vortex to Android V 6.0

userHead Account cancelled 2016-02-01 01:00:01 5578 Views2 Replies
I have unsuccessfully tried to connect my Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 running Android 6.0 to Vortex using the Vortext Bot for Android. I have tried all versions available from ... ForAndroid and none of them can connect to my Vortex. The Vortex connect to an IPad without any problem. Is there any known issue with the android app?
2016-02-01 14:14:54 Hi Sánchez,

Thanks for your reporting.

Android devices varies with its bluetooth driver, which may cause some compatible problems.
Our R&D team is trying our best to overcome these difference.

It would be a great appreciate if you downgrade your phone to V5+ and try it again.
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2016-02-01 13:29:11 Hello, thanks for your post. Sorry to hear that you are having issues.

Our software team has tested the android app up to android v 5+, but not 6.0. They are currently working on 6.0 compatibility issues and will notify when an update is ready.

In the meantime, we recommend using WhenDo on an iPad or programming Vortex via scratch
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