PM2.5 Sensor Module (SEN0177) sleep mode

userHead wojtemac 2016-03-03 22:07:14 2280 Views3 Replies
Hi .
I have PM Laser sensor (SEN0177).
Now it's working in continuous mode, but I will to set it to sleep mode every hour.
How can I do it from program?
thanks .
2016-03-07 14:43:05 Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for your sharing!

To power it through digital pins is not a good idea, cause the I/O pins could only output 50mA current, but I checked the PM module specifiction, its Maximum electric current: 120mA... got to have a relay module, it's not expensive.

Btw, just for chat, which city you are in, also have problem of air polution? Just wonder about that cause I am an environmentalist, I am in Shanghai, air is bad most of the time.... :|
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2016-03-04 15:14:50 Hi.
Thanks, I though so :(
Unfortunately I don't have a relay module and probably won't get one, but I think I can connect VCC to other pin (through an capacitor) and switch it HIGH or LOW.
Maybe it could work.

Actually I have 3 of them, and we will measure air pollution in 3 different points of our city. Just to get SOMG info.
userHeadPic wojtemac
2016-03-04 10:14:39 Hi,

I checked with the module-PM2.5 sensor, it will output data automatically once get powered. So there might be only one way to make your idea possible that is to use a Relay module, power on/off every hour.

May I know what purpose do you use PM2.5 for? Just very curious to know, :D
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